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Health and Safety Consultancy Services
health and safety consultants

Generation and regular review of the following:

Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Inspections
Health and Safety Audits
Health and Safety Support
General Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
COSHH Risk Assessment

All organisations in the UK are required to look after their employees` safety and health in the workplace and make sure they are adequately provided with suitable and sufficient tools and the training to do their job effectively and safely. There are several pieces of legislation that clearly state employers` responsibilities. These are very complex and can become confusing. If your business has 5 or more employees, you have to have your written H&S policy together with H&S organisation and arrangements.


Stesec Limited proactively assists businesses with an interpretation of all applicable legislation and its implementation into the work environment. We are specialists in providing businesses on all scales with adequate advice on essential safety and health requirements followed by a continuous assessment of your Health and Safety performance over a certain period of time. We are extremely dedicated to keeping high standards of after-service for our clients.


We have a track record of assisting our clients with liaison with authorities, including HSE and local governments and external law firms in reducing and defeating injury and accident claims made against our clients.

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