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Health and Safety Training
health and safety training

Staff training and development has always been the most crucial investment into any business operation, as your staff skill set can many times make or break the business operation.


All employees must take responsibility for their adherence to the organisation’s security policies, but it is down to the employer to ensure that they are appropriately trained. Security training for all staff – whether permanent, temporary, or a contractor – should begin during any induction process, followed by regular ‘refresher training and briefings.





Ongoing task-specific training should then be provided according to the specifics of each role. In some circumstances, it may also be appropriate to incorporate an element of assessment.


Oversights or weaknesses in any plans will often only be discovered when putting to the test. Rehearsals, drills, and exercises will not only provide evidence of whether measures and response plans are working, but also ensure staff is familiar with any procedures and tasks that they are expected to perform.

The following are the courses that will help your staff learn techniques to become more effective working in a challenging environment as well as raising their security awareness and being more able to detect any intrusions into your operations.

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