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Staff Induction Training
Under Regulation 13 of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999, it is the duty of all employers to ensure that suitable information, instruction, and training is provided to all their staff prior to them starting work in order to ensure that they can complete all work tasks so far as reasonably practicable without any risk to their health and safety.
It is also the employer`s duty to ensure that such training is regularly repeated and updated to prevent employees from becoming complacent in their job roles and mistakes do not creep in.
Stesec Limited is committed to assisting employers with the complying with these duties by providing a comprehensive Induction training program for their employees.
It is recommended that topics included in the staff induction training are again revisited on an annual basis.
Induction Training Combinations
  •   Fire Safety Awareness

  •   Health and Safety Awareness

  •   Manual Handling

  •   Working At Height

  •   Driving At Work

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