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First Aid Training
first aid

First Aid Training in the workplace is one of the most essential trainings your organisation can provide for employees as this can often save lives. Training also increases your employees' confidence to step in and act correctly when dealing with both smaller and more serious injuries making the workplace safer and more desirable for your staff and contractors who may enter your site.


It is also a legal requirement to have a certain amount of staff with First Aid training present on the site. If you are in doubt with regards to how many of your employees need to be First Aid trained, please don't hesitate to ask us. 


All our First Aid courses are certified, meaning that after the successful completion of the course, attendees will be issued with a widely recognized Certificate of Achievement.


These training programs have gone through a vigorous process of Quality Assurance System which ensures that all trainers are fully compliant and up to date with the latest trends and legislation in delivering and assessment of First Aid training.


It is for the benefit of organisations to know how the recent legislation has changed with regards to training of First Aid at Work and that HSE is not the regulatory body for any such training anymore. It also provides guidance on how to select the best training provider.

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Stesec Limited provides a variety of First Aid Training courses:


3 day First Aid at Work Training

2 day First Aid at Work Refresher Training

1 day Emergency First Day at Work Training




Basic Life Support, AED and Anaphylactic Shock (3 hrs)

This brand-new half-day course is recommended as an annual update for FAW and EFAW certificate holders.

It provides participants with up-to-date techniques in the management of life-threatening conditions.

Our trainers use the latest methods and equipment to give you the most realistic scenarios and guide you through solutions.

Included in this course is the management of conditions such as cardiac arrest, choking, unconsciousness and more.

Key Benefits
  •   Promotion of a safe working environment and practices
  •   Correct procedures when dealing with injuries

  •   Broader knowledge of injuries and sudden illnesses 

  •   Prevention of processes where injuries can occur

  •   Proper use of First Aid equipment

  •   Increased confidence in the workforce

  • CPR

  • Treatment of minor and major injuries

  • Response to emergency First Aid scenarios

  • Managing emergencies

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