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Fire Alarm

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Marshal

Basic Fire Safety Awareness Training is a legal requirement that must be provided to all your employees. The employer is required to ensure all staff are aware of and trained in emergency protocol and procedures.
This 1.5-hour training is delivered on the client's site using a variety of presentations and fire equipment as training tools. The course content can be tailored to a level relevant to the requirements of occupancy and as an induction, initial or renewal level training.

In addition to Fire Awareness training, there is a requirement for training of those people who are responsible for specific fire safety issues such as Fire Marshals, people in charge of departments with specific fire safety difficulties or risks, and people who need advice on a specific issue.

This practical course lasting 3 hours covers the duties and responsibilities of a nominated fire warden both in the event of a fire and during training drills.

This training is available as an induction, initial, or renewal and can be provided at the place of employment.

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